About Us


Lede Price is a New and a Novel way where sellers will be able to sell products online with prices keep reducing whenever and every time any Buyer sees the LedePrice .

A Coin/s is added from the Buyer's Wallet to decrease the Product Price equal to the value of Coin/s added , till the product price reaches the seller's undisclosed minimum Price . Buyer can Buy this Product every time they see the product Price in the open for 45 seconds, LedePrice window .

Once any Buyer matches the Minimum Price set by the seller , that Product will become Free for this Buyer . Here the Buyer will get Two options.

One to Take the Free Product or Second option , To take certain percentage of Coins offered in exchange of the Free Product. These Coins can later be encashed for money within LedePrice.com.

This way anyone can generate personal income too by participating in LedePrice.com , whenever their Coin/s match seller's minimum Price and then exchange the FREE PRODUCTS with Lede Coins .

How this Works

Seller will upload the product page with regular description of product, pics etc . Seller Must add the starting Maximum price he wants to sell the product . This Price will always be displayed price of the Product with a BUY NOW button .

Minimum Price of the Product.

Seller must also Add the Minimum Price they are ready to sell. This minimum Price will be hidden in our Software / Website and will only be seen when they Add the required Lede Coins to see the on going Decreased LedePrice .

The hidden LedePrice can be viewed by clicking the VIEW LEDEPRICE option and by following the instructions given to view LedePrice.

The Final Minimum Price is disclosed to the Last Person who view's LedePrice by adding the required Coin/s and by this Coin/s it matches the seller's Minimum Price set when the Product was uploaded .

So , instead of buyers Bargaining or sellers offering Discounts etc , etc , the Prices will keep reducing as many times someone views the LedePrice and/ or till anyone Buys that product at the LEDEPRICE window when open .

Coins have to be purchased from our website and Added to Buyer's Wallet to participate in the LedePrice.com website.

As of Now , Lede Coin is Priced Re.0.25 paise each .

However , Daily limited FREE DEMO Coins is provided to buyer's Wallet . These Demo Coins will ONLY allow anyone to view the LedePrice window . They can only see what is the Decreased Price of that Product in the LedePrice window open for 45 seconds. Free Demo Coins will Not Decrease the Price nor will be Good for any other features in LedePrice.com .

Once someone purchases Lede Coins , then Daily Free Demo Coins will not be Added in their Wallet anymore and the Buyer is now ready to take part as Paid LedeCoin person . Their Wallet will now show Only Paid Coins .

LedePrice window when opened with Paid LedePrice Coins then only that Person will be able to Buy that Product . Paid Coins are valid to Take other benefits offered in LedePrice.com .

Buyers Get offer to Free Products whenever after their added Coin/s the Reduced Price matches the seller's minimum Price, even if this is their first time they Added Coin/s to see Lede Price window .

If someone Buys the Product before the Product reaches the minimum Price set by seller then the accumulated Lede Coins in the Product's Wallet may be distributed as per LedePrice.com administrator's decision. This decision will be shown at the time after the Product is Purchased.

This distribution will happen after the Transaction between the Seller and Buyer is over . This LedeCoins distribution may be considered as extra rewards for Completing the Transaction and would be added in their individual wallet .

Please Note.
Our Administrator's Descion is Final incase any matter arises due to this website or any Transaction/s .

Our Goal is to bring Buyers, Sellers and others on LedePrice.com and to fix the Prices of the Products between them . All other formalities like Deliveries , Payments , exchanges or any other items , would be strictly between Buyers and Sellers.

LedePrice.com is a Marketplace to make Buyers and Sellers meet and Decide the Price .

However we assure action will be taken against those who do Not follow LedePrice.com guidelines honestly.

Buyers , Sellers and others should Register their complaints here in LedePrice.com.