This website has a greater impact on Buyers and greater unique way of selling products with targeted visibility of products for sellers .

With Geo location based plus Social media targeting viewers in areas of seller's choice with products and advertising contents . Reaching the right audience is the key .

Sellers can open their own personal online store and add their products. They can copy Link and advertise their Store and also individual product on Social media sites and other places.

LedePrice new and unique way for sellers to post products with LedePrice option , creating different and interesting way for buyers to Buy Products and Decreased Prices options every time a Buyer sees the LedePrice .

Sellers will upload their Products in a regular way with other options for buyers to buy products with

"Make Your Offer "
"Buy Now"
"Say Your Price"
and our unique selling

Product cannot be removed by seller once the Product is Uploaded and the first person has viewed the price and Maximum price is Reduced by a Point Value .