Buyer decides to buy the product at the displayed price or whenever they see Buy Now Button or when LedePrice Window is Active .

When a buyer decides to buy the product at any displayed price and hits the "BUY NOW" button next to the price , that product goes to this buyer at the displayed Lede Price at that moment .

To view LedePrice window the Buyer will have to Buy Points in their Wallet .

Every time they want to see the LedePrice they will see the option for Points to view LedePrice and to Buy products .

Every time Any Buyer decides to See the Decreased LedePrice window the Product price of this product will decrease by the number of Points the Buyer has given to view LedePrice. This way buyer can recover the points they have given to See LedePrice if they decide to Buy that Product. If buyer feels the Price of that product will still decrease after some time they can again come back here and see the Decreased LedePrice that time . As many Buyers see that Product LedePrice that many times the Product LedePrice will keep decreasing.

The Product Price will keep decreasing till last Buyer matches the Sellers minimum Selling Price of this Product.

Buyers can BUY the product any time they see BUY NOW option .

Only one person and that too the first person who hits the "BUY NOW " button will get that product at the Decreased Lede Price showing when window View LedePrice is open for 45 seconds.