Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many quantity of Products can a Seller upload at a time ?
Multiple numbers of same products can be sold by Sellers .
The seller can put Unlimited quantity / numbers at the time of uploading of products . As soon as the first number product is sold 2nd number will show and all will start all over again .

Is there any Example of this ?
Yes .
If a retail seller has 12 pcs of the same item he can upload product number/ quantity as 12 at time of uploading the product and as and how the first product is sold 2nd number will be displayed and then 3rd and so on till all products are sold.

How to sell in wholesale ?
Example for Wholesale selling of Products.
Example :
If Wholesaler has 12 pcs and decides to sell all 12 pcs online. He will upload the product and put 12 pcs selling Online together in the Quantity and description too . The sale and the LEDEPRICE will be for all 12 pcs.

What kind of Products and Services we can sell ? is for All kinds of Products and Services.
For wholesale markets and Retail stores etc.
Multiple Categories.
Hotel Rooms, Cars New and Second Hand , Clothes, Motor Cycles, Any thing you can sell .
Lede Price is Unique , innovative and interesting way to buy products at the lowest prices which the buyer thinks is right and pay for products directly to sellers and or going at their store or get it delivered to the buyer's place etc .

Can A Buyer or Seller communicate ?
Communication can be done between the buyers and sellers on Lede Price Website message center.

How do Buyer get Products and Sellers get Payments.?
Payments for Products are made by Buyers to Sellers directly.
Sellers will deliver Products to buyers directly.
LedePrice is only Responsible for making LedePrice option available to Buyers.
Sellers agree fully to upload Products and services and deliver same to Buyers directly.
Buyers will Pay for Products and Services Directly to Sellers and receive the same from Sellers after getting satisfied with the Product and Sellers.

What is Buyers and Sellers guidelines ?
Buyers and Sellers who do not follow LedePrice rules and guidelines or do bogus deals and dealings may be blocked or Removed from Selling online store or Buying any Product further .

Where are LedeCoins encashed ?
LedeCoins will be Encash on website.

What is the role of ?
Makes the sellers and buyers meet and buy and sell at their online Market Place. is the perfect place to buy at the best price, best quality products from Local Shops and Dealers and far away Dealers and from Wholesalers Manufactures too at the Lowest LedePrice .
It's a Direct buying and selling products between Buyers and Sellers.
can be a paid or Free Registration based services for sellers to display and sell products . They will get their own online store in our Marketplace.

Can sellers Advertise their individual Store and different products ?
Sellers can create their own individual Store.
Sellers can Market and advertise on their own too on social media or paid advertising etc .... by copying the link of their store or Product and pasting where they want to advertise.

Is There a Fees to Register on
Registration is Free for All Buyers and sellers at this time .

Where Do we Buy LedeCoins ?
Buyers will have to buy Coins from

What is the use of LedeCoins ?
Lede Price is Hidden all the time , except , during *Open LedePrice window for 45 seconds* .
When someone decides to view LedePrice , then they would like View LedePrice.
Then they will get an option to Add certain numbers of LedeCoins to see the hidden lower Price available at that moment .
Product Price is Decreased every time someone Adds LedeCoins to view LedePrice window .
Every time a Buyer wants to sees the *Lowest Hidden LedePrice* of the Product .....
They should click
*View LedePrice*
next to the Product.
LedeCoins when Added , would decrease the Product Price as much as the value of LedeCoins. After the Product Price is Decreased the buyer will see the Prevailing Decrease Product Price which is called LedePrice.
A message to the buyer that 1 Coin is taken away from Buyer's Wallet to view LedePrice. On agreement to allow to take the required LedeCoins then only LedeCoin is automatically Added into the Wallet of that Product .
The price of this Product will decrease as much as the LedeCoins value added and this LedePrice will show to buyer to Buy with decreased Price. This is called LedePrice.
The *View LedePrice* window will open for 45 seconds only and when someone Add's Coins .
A timer which starts from 45 seconds and goes all the way to Zero , then Window will close .

How is the Product or Service Price etc Decreases ?
Every LedeCoin will decrease the Price of the Product till the Price reaches to the Minimum Price which the Seller posted during uploading the Products .

When Will the Product become Free ?
The Last person who Sees the Product LedePrice and due to their Coin/s the Product Price is Decreased and matches the seller's Minimum Price then , the Product turns FREE for that Person.
Here they get 2 option to either Take the Free Product or 2nd option to take certain % of the LedeCoins Accumulated in that Product wallet each time whenever someone has view that Product LedePrice .
The Amount of accumulated Coins will be displayed at this stage to Both the Person who has got the option of Free Product and to the Seller personal Dashboard.
The buyer will decide what they want .